Andrea Scapolo



Andrea Scapolo

Nice to meet you, I'm Andrea Scapolo. I was born in Italy, in the province of Varese, and since I was a child my greatest passion was soccer. After playing in the professional youth sector in Varese Calcio (Allievi nazionali, Berretti and Primavera),

I graduated from the L. Cobianchi linguistic high school in Verbania. Currently, I speak English (C1), French (B2 with Esabac certification), German (B1), and Italian. After high school, I attended the University of Insubria in Varese, doing the SCOM (Science of Communication) course and I graduated in July 2021 with excellent grades

The real question is the following: "Why the United States?" I had a huge desire to escape and turn my life upside down and in early 2021, an unmissable opportunity presented itself to me, which was to become a student-athlete in the nation of my dreams. I was awarded a scholarship to go play and study in the USA. I accepted the offer from the Franklin Pierce University (New Hampshire) and began my academic and football journey in August 2021. I chose an MBA (Master in Business Administration) with a specialization in leadership. It is a very challenging program that allows you to grow on a human level, and above all, it prepares you for your career at 360 degrees.

You will never find any judgment on my part, the only advice I feel like giving is the following: "Take a risk because it could be the best choice of your life".



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