Carola Segato



Carola Segato

I was born in a small village in northern Italy called Broni, but I have been raised in Milan my whole life. Languages and traveling have always been passions of mine. During my senior year of high school, I took part in an exchange year and moved to Wisconsin, USA, where I attended a local high school and lived with a host family. I had always dreamt of living in the States and experiencing the American teenage years, so it was a dream come true. This helped me grow and develop my passion for science, and eventually helped me decide to study medicine in college. I later went back home to pursue my Italian Diploma and finish high school. I can't wait to start college and explore new countries and cultures just like I've been doing in the past few years.

What I love doing other than traveling is cooking, doing gymnastics, and meeting as many new people as I can. I am very extroverted and chatty, and I enjoy sharing my exchange experience on social media.  

I speak four languages - Italian, English, Spanish, and French.



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