Enrica Pacitto



Enrica Pacitto

I spent my whole childhood in Cassino, a small town south of Rome, Italy. I wouldn’t typically travel with my family, but I had a strong desire of knowing what was out there. When I was 14, my mother enrolled me in a private English course and at 16, she put me on a plane to the U.K. to let me find out what that was all about. And that is how everything changed.

Ever since, learning new languages became such a big goal of mine and I was able to travel all over Europe to work both on my English and Spanish. I later attended John Cabot University and graduated with a B.A. in International Affairs and a minor in History while being in an international environment and speaking a foreign language — a dream come true.

After graduation, I decided to embrace the full adventure and move permanently to the USA to pursue my master’s degree. I moved to the Philadelphia area and obtained my M.S. in International Marketing from Saint Joseph’s University. While in business school, I worked as a Graduate Assistant in the MBA/M.S. Department of my university and later joined QVC, Inc., the third largest online retailer in the US, in performance marketing.

As an international student, CoSign groups all the services that I wish I had when studying abroad. In the middle of a pandemic, our team started working on what it now aims to become the reference hub for all international students in the US.

What I like doing for fun is to travel (I recently visited a few Latin American countries), meet new people, cook, and take photos. Fun fact is that you can talk to me either in Italian, English, or Spanish or all three in the same sentence and I wouldn’t even notice.



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