Goffredo Casadei



Goffredo Casadei

Hey there, I am Goffredo! I was lucky enough to be born and bred in the gorgeous city of Rome and after graduating from a high school, I moved to Milan to attend Bocconi Business School.

During my university years, I had the chance to embark on several academic and professional journeys which led me to live in 6 different countries so far. During my first summer break from university, I had the chance to work in Bangladesh for Nobel Peace Prize laureate Prof. Yunus, at his own Grameen Bank, the Micro-Finance institution. Here, I had the opportunity to assess first-handed the impact of Micro-Finance on impoverished, rural communities of Bangladesh. I started my last year of undergrad by embarking on a new, life-changing adventure: I moved to Tokyo, Japan, to attend a semester at Waseda University. I am still very grateful for this opportunity since it allowed me to learn more of and fall in love with Japanese culture.

After my graduation, I had the chance to work in a few different industries: I interned in a Real Estate investment fund in London and worked in management consulting. Eventually, I became a consultant for Roland Berger, the international consulting firm, at their Dubai office. This experience was unbelievably eye-opening to me because it allowed me to work on projects across the whole Middle East region, with a team of international peers. After one year and a half in consulting, I recently started a Master in Finance at MIT Sloan Business School in Boston, which I am very excited about.



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