Valentina Serri



Valentina Serri

I was born and raised in Reggio Emilia, Italy but since I was little, I've always felt like I didn't belong there. I started traveling at a very young age with my parents. I've visited multiple countries all around the world such as Egypt, Poland, Denmark, the Dominican Republic and many others. 

At the age of 12, I went to the UK for my first study holiday experience. That's when I knew I was born to travel, meet people and live in a multicultural environment. I was involved in 4 study abroad holiday programs throughout middle school in England, Scotland, Ireland and Florida. 

During my third year of high school I decided to apply to the student exchange program in the US, which allowed me to actually live like an American teenager and attend a local high school for a whole year. I was hosted by a family in Katy, Texas where I had the time of my life. Nevertheless, being 16 and alone in a foreign country is not easy. I had to face multiple problems with my host family, which led to me having to move out and look for a new place. Do not get me wrong: I would do it all over again. 

Finally, last year I got my Bachelor's degree in Languages and Foreign Cultures. I speak Italian, English, Spanish and little bit of French. I'm now studying for my Master's in Journalism and Multimedia Communication and I just won a scholarship for a semester abroad at Boston College, MA. 

I'm also a rhythmic gymnastics coach and I'm used to working with kids and teens on a daily basis. 



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