CoSign Is Live!

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

2020 was overwhelming for everybody. When we look back and reflect upon this past year, we wish we could just hit Delete and make it all disappear. In all the uncertainty and midst of a pandemic, some have resorted to good dieting intentions that never started while working from home in their PJs, and others to developing business ideas that have gone through their minds for too long.

We were the ‘others’ that - still in their PJs - realized that there was no better timing than the Covid-19 year to launch what one of our mentors defined as “a clear vision for an even clearer market.”

Our names are Enrica Pacitto and Omar Azabi, and we are CoSign - the first financial guarantor that allows foreign students to access loans in the United States.

Our story tracesback to Rome, Italy where we first met. John Cabot University was our alma mater, and we both pursued our B.A.’s in International Affairs there while being exposed to both the European and American cultures abroad. After graduation, we decided to move to San Francisco and Philadelphia to start our law school and graduate school journeys where we are currently based. The struggle as two international students has been real. We were both working multiple on-campus and off-campus jobs to pay for our tuition, rent, visa-related expenses, and much more.

CoSign came up as a necessity for the international community who is taking the same path.

We are here to empower you through international education.

We are here to provide you with financial relief.

We are here to support you as part of our global community.

CoSign is here to rethink global credit barriers by encouraging international connections at a time of social distancing.


We are beyond excited to announce that our website is now live! We would like to take some time to celebrate this moment with all of you. This is not only the product of the past few months. This is a journey that started with a global vision of spreading the anecdote Knowledge is Power worldwide and making sure everybody would have access to it.

All this would never be possible without the help and support of our incredible community made of CEOs, professors, mentors, and students that foresaw the potential of our business and pushed us throughout its making.

Our Next Steps:

  • Application Gathering, The 3Qs: Potential students will only have to answer three questions (name, email, cost needed) to show interest in our product

  • Community Making, The Launch of Kosmo: the first media house that will report stories of real people living, working, and studying abroad.

Enrica and Omar,

CoSign Co-Founders


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